Home Loan Options

Why Should You Work with National Mortgage Home Loans?

Our loan process begins with goals and an expected budget our clients can comfortable afford. When it comes time to choose a mortgage, which may seem overwhelming with so many different options, our responsible team promises to clearly explain your options.

Home loans have many complicated components that are carefully reviewed and considered during our advisory process. We are happy to take the time needed to help our clients fully understand these components. We strongly believe that based on our clients’ needs – we will always provide confident guidance in making an excellent mortgage decision. Some of the components we review with our clients include:

  • – Fixed-rate or Adjustable-rate
  • – Down Payment Requirements
  • – Term of Loan
  • – PMI
  • – Points
  • – Payment Amount
  • – Credit Score
  • – Geographic Influences

We promise our clients a solid understanding of their mortgage options to find the right loan for each household’s home.

  • Michigan Home Loan 30 Year Mortgage Loan

    Conventional loans give the option for 10-to-30 year fixed payments.The 30 Year Conventional Mortgage Loan will have an interest right higher than the 15 Year Conventional Mortgage Loan, but will offer the benefit of a lower payment to loan applicants.
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  • Michigan Home Loan 15 Year Mortgage Loan

    Conventional loans give the option for 10-to-30 year fixed payments.The 15 Year Conventional Mortgage Loan will have an interest right lower than the 30 Year Conventional Mortgage Loan and the payment for the 15 Year will be higher for those seeking to pay off their home quicker.
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  • Michigan Home Loans Arm Loan

    If you're planning on buying a home and living there for less than 7 years, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loan may be an excellent option for you! Enjoy some of the lowest rates we offer, with the comfort of knowing the rate is fixed for the first 5 or 7 years of your ARM.
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  • FHA Michigan Loans

    An FHA Mortgage Loan, also known as a Federal Housing Administration Mortgage Loan, is a government-sponsored mortgage program for home buyers. It is geared toward first-time home buyers and has easier credit score requirements.
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  • Michigan VA Loan

    The VA Loan, also known as a Veterans Affairs Mortgage Loan, is a government-sponsored program specifically for veterans and active-service members. By providing 100% financing and no requirement to pay monthly private mortgage insurance.
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  • Michigan Jumbo Loan

    The Jumbo Mortgage Loan is for loan applicants with above average credit. Loan applicants considering a Jumbo Loan typically have a relatively large down payment and will avoid paying mortgage insurance purchasing a new residence of up to $2.5 million.
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